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DIN 4149-2005-EN


Title (german): Bauten in deutschen Erdbebengebieten - Lastannahmen, Bemessung und Ausführung üblicher Hochbauten
Title (english): Buildings in german earthquake areas - Design loads, analysis and structural design of buildings www

Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National Standard) / 01-April-2005 / 80 pages

(1) This standard deals with the planning, structural design and detailing of conventional buildings made from
reinforced concrete, steel, timber or masonry in German earthquake zones. The purpose of the standard is to
save human lives, to limit damage and to ensure that structures of importance for public safety as well as
infrastructure remain in working order in the event of an earthquake.
(2) This standard does not apply to structures and parts of such (e.g. nuclear power plants, chemical plants
etc.) which may present additional potential hazards in the event of an earthquake.
(3) This standard does not generally substitute the general rules to be observed when designing and planning
structures, but provides supplementary rules that are applicable in earthquake zones.
(4) Those parts of Germany which, within the scope of this standard, are more liable to be affected by
earthquakes are grouped into earthquake zones 1 to 3 (see Figure 2). The extent of hazards due to
earthquakes (seismicity) in areas outside of earthquake zones 1 to 3 can be assumed to be so low that this
standard need not be applied in such areas.

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