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AWS D3.9:2010


AWS D3.9:2010

Specification for Classification of Weld-Through Paint Primers
Edition: 1st
American Welding Society / 03-Feb-2010 / 30 pages

1.1 This standard specifies the requirements for the classification of weld-through paint primers only. The paint primers are classified based on the maximum coating thickness for successful welding and the welding procedure used during the classification test. This Standard provides a system for paint manufacturers to classify the weldability features of weldthrough paint primers. This Standard is limited to weld-through paint primers only and does not include galvanized or other types of protective coatings.
1.2 This standard makes sole use of the U.S. Customary units. Approximate mathematical equivalents in the International System of Units (SI) are provided for comparison in parentheses or in appropriate columns in tables and figures.
1.3 This Standard is not a safety document. Safety and health issues and concerns are beyond the scope of this standard, and therefore are not fully addressed herein. Safety and health information is available from other sources, including, but not limited to, ANSI Z49.1, Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes, and applicable federal and state regulations.
The application of coatings and subsequent processing of coated products should observe safety and health precautions in the country-specific and supplier-specific Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each coating.
In addition to ANSI Z49.1, the AWS also publishes Safety and Health Fact Sheets.1 These fact sheets are listed in Annex C.
Employers are also referred to the US Department of Labor Regulations. Particular reference is made to OSHA Shipyard Employment Standard 29CFR1915.53,2 Welding, Cutting and Heating in Way of Preservative Coatings and OSHA Construction Regulation 29CFR1926.354, Welding, Cutting, and Heating in Way of Preservative Coatings.

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