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AWS C1.5:2009


AWS C1.5:2009

Specification for the Qualification of Resistance Welding Technician
Edition: 2nd
American Welding Society / 16-Sep-2008 / 24 pages
This specification establishes qualification requirements for a resistance welding technician (RWT). It describes how qualifications are determined, and the practice by which qualification may be attained and maintained. The user of this specification will evaluate the qualifications of each individual, and provide examinations to test the
individual脗鈥檚 resistance welding skills and knowledge as well as his or her ability to apply the principles of resistance welding.
This specification is intended to supplement the minimum requirements of employers, codes, other standards,or documents, and shall not be construed as a preemption of the employer脗鈥檚 responsibility for the work or for the performance of the work. Resistance welding processes include spot welding, projection welding, seam welding,butt welding, flash welding, micro joining, resistance brazing, resistance soldering, and resistance heating. It is understood that not all of these disciplines are used in every situation, and it shall be the responsibility of employers to determine that their employee, who, having
qualified as a RWT, is capable of performing the specific duties involved in their career assignments.
As used in this specification, the word shall denotes a requirement, the word should denotes a guideline, and the word may denotes a choice.
This standard does not require units of measure. Therefore,no equivalents or conversions are contained except when they are cited in examples.

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