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AWS B2.1-4-221:1999 (R2009)


AWS B2.1-4-221:1999 (R2009)

Wps:Chromium Molybdenum Steels, Primarily Pipe Applications (M-4/P-4, Group 1 or 2) - Gtaw (Consumable Insert Root) Followed by Shielded Metal Arcwelding of Chromium-Molybdenum Steel (M-4/P-4, Group 1 OR 2), 1/8 Through 1/2 Inch Thick, As-Welded Condition
Edition: 1st
American Welding Society / 01-Jan-1999 / 26 pages
ISBN: 0871715961
This standard contains the essential welding variables for chromium-molybdenum steel in the thickness range of 1/8 through 1/2 in. in the as-welded condition, or 1/8 through 1-1/2 in. in the postweld heat treated (PWHT) condition, using manual gas tungsten arc welding with a consumable insert root, followed by shielded metal arc welding. It cites the base metals and operating conditions necessary to make the weldment, the filler metal specifications, and the allowable joint designs for groove welds. This welding procedure specification (WPS) was developed primarily for pipe applications.

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