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ASTM B348-09 PDF


ASTM B348-09

Standard Specification for Titanium and Titanium Alloy Bars and Billets
ASTM International / 01-Jun-2009 / 8 pages

Keywords: bar; billet; titanium; titanium alloy; Palladium (titanium plus palladium)--specifications; Titanium plus palladium--specifications; Titanium (Ti)/alloys--specifications; UNS R50250 (Ti, unalloyed); UNS R50400 (Ti, unalloyed); UNS R50550 (Ti, unalloyed); UNS R50700 (Ti, unalloyed); UNS R52250 (Ti, low-alloyed); UNS R52400 (Ti, low-alloyed); UNS R53400 (Ti alloy); UNS R54520 (Ti alloy); UNS R56400 (Ti alloy); UNS R58030 (Ti alloy); ICS Number Code 77.150.50 (Titanium products)

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