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ASME PTC-12.2-2010


ASME PTC 12.2-2010

Steam Surface Condensers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 30-Sep-2010 / 84 pages
This Code provides directions and rules for conducting and reporting performance tests of water-cooled, steam surface condensers, hereafter referred to as condensers. The Code provides explicit test procedures to yield results of the highest level of accuracy consistent with the best engineering knowledge and practice currently available. The main purpose of this Code is to provide rules for performing condenser acceptance tests. It also provides guidelines for the routine performance evaluation of condensers. The acceptance test can be used to determine compliance with contractual obligations and can be incorporated into commercial agreements. The test shall be considered an ASME Code Test only if the test procedures comply with those detailed recommendations in this Code and that the pretest and post-test uncertainty analysis complies with Subsections 1.3 and 5.4. The four measures of performance are; the absolute pressure maintained by the condenser, or its projected design pressure [with an uncertainty of +/- 0.12 in. Hg.], the extent of condensate subcooling [+/- 1 0.2脗掳F], the amount of dissolved oxygen [+/ 1.0 ppb] and the tubeside pressure drop [with an uncertainy of +/1 2%].

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