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ASME PTB-3 -2010


ASME PTB-3-2010

Section VIII-Division 2 Example Problem Manual
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 30-Jun-2010 /脗聽399 pages
ASME B&PV Code, Section VIII, Division 2 contains mandatory requirements, specific prohibitions,and non-mandatory guidance for the design, materials, fabrication, examination, inspection, testing,and certification of pressure vessels and their associated pressure relief devices. The 2007 edition of the code has been re-written and reorganized, and incorporates the latest technologies for pressure vessel design.
Example problems illustrating the use of the design-by-rule and design-by-analysis methods in ASME B&PV Code, Section VIII, Division 2 are provided in this document. Example problems are provided for all calculation procedures in both SI and US Customary units.

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