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Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Lifting Devices
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 21-May-2010 / 80 pages
The scope of this Standard is the standardization of safety and performance requirements for portable automotive lifting equipment including:
(a) hydraulic hand jacks
(b) transmission jacks
(c) engine stands
(d) vehicle support stands
(e) emergency tire changing jacks
(f) upright type mobile lifts
(g) service jacks
(h) wheel dollies
(i) shop cranes
(j) swing type mobile lifts
(k) scissors type mobile lifts
(l) auxiliary stands
(m) automotive ramps
(n) high reach supplementary stands
(o) fork lift jacks
(p) high reach fixed stands
(q) vehicle transport lifts
(r) attachments, adapters, and accessories
This Standard may include requirements for safety,health, design, production, construction, maintenance,performance, or operation of equipment, and/or qualification
of personnel.

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