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ASME B89.3.4 -2010


ASME B89.3.4-2010

Axes of Rotation: Methods for Specifying and Testing
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 12-May-2010 / 72 pages
This Standard is primarily intended for, but not limited to, the standardization of methods for specifying and testing axes of rotation of spindles used in machine tools and measuring machines. Appendices provide advisory information for the interpretation and use of this Standard.
1.1 Properties Included in This Standard
(a) error motion
(b) structural motion
(c) compliance
(d) axis shifts
1.2 Properties Not Included in This Standard
(a) angular positioning accuracy
(b) accelerometer, velocity, or microphone based measurements
(c) dynamic compliance measurements
(d) torque measurements
(e) speed stability or load capacity

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