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ASME B31T -2010


ASME B31T-2010

Standard Toughness Requirements for Piping
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 01-Jun-2010 / 52 pages
This Standard provides requirements for evaluating the suitability of materials used in piping systems for piping that may be subject to brittle failure due to lowtemperature
service conditions. While low-temperature service is usually considered to be below ambient temperature, brittle failure can occur at temperatures above ambient temperature for certain combinations of materials, thicknesses, and stress levels. The definition of “lowtemperature service” as used in this Standard, therefore, varies widely across the many applications for which piping systems are utilized. For a building service air line, low temperature may be 0°C (32°F), whereas for a cryogenic piping system, it could easily be −185°C (−300°F). However, the principles used to evaluate the suitability of a piping system as related to service temperature by evaluating the toughness of the material can be applied across a wide temperature range, and this Standard has been established to provide uniform guidance in this area. This Standard may be invoked in whole or in part by various piping codes and/or specifications and is only mandatory when so invoked.

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