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ASME B18.2.6-2010


ASME B18.2.6-2010

Fasteners for Use in Structural Applications
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 20-Aug-2010 / 28 pages
1.1.1 This Standard covers the complete general and dimensional data for five products in the inch series recognized as an American National Standard. These five structural products include
(a) Heavy Hex Structural Bolts: ASTM A 325 and ASTM A 490
(b) Heavy Hex Nuts: ASTM A 563 and ASTM A 194
(c) Hardened Steel Washers; Circular, Circular
Clipped, and Beveled: ASTM F 436
(d) Compressible Washer-Type Direct Tension Indicators: ASTM F 959
(e) Twist-Off-Type Tension Control Structural Bolts: Heavy Hex and Round: ASTM F 1852 and ASTM F 2280
1.1.2 The inclusion of dimensional data in this Standard is not intended to imply that all products described herein are stock production sizes. Consumers should consult with suppliers concerning lists of available stock production sizes.

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