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ASME B18.18.2-2009


ASME B18.18.2-2009

Inspection and Quality Assurance for High-Volume Machine Assembly Fasteners
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 15-Sep-2009 / 18 pages
This Standard is an Acceptance Sampling Plan for high-volume machine assembly fasteners, accessories,and associated parts. It establishes specific inspection functions that must be performed on the finished product or at the appropriate stage of manufacturing with the objective of ensuring that the accepted product conforms to all the requirements of engineering drawings, related standards, and/or specifications.
This plan does not necessitate in-process control; however,the producer, at his discretion, may apply in-process control. Adherence to the requirements of this plan does not release the contractor from the responsibility of exercising due care in the production of all parts to the requirements established for all characteristics shown on engineering drawings and related specifications.

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