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ASME A112.19.8B-2009


ASME A112.19.8b-2009

Addenda to ASME A112.19.8-2007
Suction Fittings for Use in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools,Spas, and Hot Tubs
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 1-Mar-2010 / 26 pages
1.1.1 General Requirements. This Standard establishes materials, testing, and marking requirements for suction fittings that are designed to be totally submerged for use in swimming pools, wading pools, spas, and hot tubs, as well as other aquatic facilities.
1.1.2 Definition. Suction fittings shall be defined as all components, including the sump and/or body,cover/grate, and hardware.
1.1.3 Compliance. Demonstration of compliance for this Standard is merely an indication that the product meets performance requirements and specifications contained in this Standard.
1.1.4 Revisions. The provisions of this Standard shall not be construed to prevent the use of any alternate material or method of construction provided any such alternate meets the full intent of the standard.
1.1.5 Exclusions Skimmers shall be excluded from evaluation to this Standard. Vacuum connection covers shall be excluded from evaluation to this Standard.
1.1.6 Types of Suction Fittings General. A manufacturer or designer of any suction outlet cover/grate shall indicate under which Type the cover/grate is listed. Field Fabricated Outlets. All nonmanufactured suction outlets constructed in the field with individual components shall be considered as “Field Fabricated Outlets.” Venturi Outlets. All venturi activated indirect-suction outlets or venturi activated debris collection systems shall be considered as “Venturi Outlets.” Swim Jet Combination Fittings. All swim jet combination fittings that combine suction and discharge into one housing, creating a high velocity, high volume stream of water to swim, jog, or walk against,as well as massage, shall be considered “Swim Jet Combination Fittings.” Submerged Suction Outlets. All other suction outlets for use in swimming pools, wading pools,spas, and hot tubs, as well as all other aquatic facilities,shall be considered as “Submerged Suction Outlets.” Self-Contained Spa Fittings. Suction outlet fittings used exclusively in self-contained factory manufactured spas shall be considered “Self-Contained Spa Fittings.”
1.1.7 Single or Multiple Usage Cover/grates that pass the body entrapment portion of this Standard as well as meeting all other requirements in this Standard shall be permanently marked “For Single or Multiple Outlet Use,” “For Single Outlet Use,” or “For Multiple Outlet Use Only”
at the manufacturer’s option. Cover/grates that fail the body entrapment portion of this Standard or any other requirements of this Standard may not be certified under this Standard.

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