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ASME A112.19.17-2010


ASME A112.19.17-2010

Manufactured Safety Vacuum Release Systems (SVRS) for Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, and Wading Pool Suction Systems
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 30-Jun-2010 /脗聽16 pages
This Standard establishes general requirements, dimensions and tolerances, materials, installation instructions,testing requirements, and markings and identification for SVRS devices. SVRS devices are intended to be utilized on pool, spa, hot tub, and/or therapy unit suction systems.SVRS devices covered under this Standard are designed to relieve high vacuum occurrences that cause human body or body part suction entrapment.
Demonstration of compliance with this Standard is merely an indication that the product meets the performance requirements and specifications contained in this Standard.
The provisions of this Standard are not intended to prevent the use of any alternative material or method of construction, provided any such alternative meets the intent and requirements of this Standard.

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