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API-IP STD 1542-2007


API Std 1542

Identification Markings for Dedicated Aviation Fuel Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities, Airport Storage and Mobile Fuelling Equipment
Edition: 8th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Aug-2007 / 42 pages
This publication is intended to provide a system for marking aviation fuel types and grades on fuel-handling installations and equipment.
In addition to the requirements for proper marking and colour-coding, there is a need throughout the aviation industry, in general, for uniformity in product labels. The aviation gasoline (Avgas) and turbine fuel (Jet Fuel) labelling system included herein for aviation
use is recommended for worldwide use, not only for aviation fuel handling equipment at airport fuel storage facilities, but for all situations where it is desirable to identify Avgas and Jet Fuel by type and grade. It is intended to apply to equipment that is in continuous use
for a single grade of aviation fuel, e.g.:
— Airport depots.
— Airport fuel hydrant systems.
— Airport fuelling vehicles.
— Dedicated grade aviation fuel storage tanks and
piping within terminals.
— Dedicated grade aviation fuel loading facilities at
refineries, terminals or airports, etc.

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