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API-IP Spec 1599-2007


API Spec 1599

Laboratory tests and minimum performance levels for aviation fuel dirt defence filters
Edition: 1st
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Mar-2007 /脗聽50 pages
This publication describes laboratory tests and the minimum laboratory performance levels for selected aspects of performance of dirt defence filter elements. A dirt defence filter system is comprised of a pressure vessel containing one or more dirt defence filter
elements of any category. Dirt defence filter vessels may be oriented vertically or horizontally. Any manufacturer wishing to offer dirt defence filter elements stated to comply with this publication is responsible for complying with all the mandatory
provisions included herein. However, no attempt is made to completely define the performance of products to be fit for a particular purpose. It is the responsibility
of the manufacturer to further define any application and/or performance limitations that affect the serviceability of dirt defence filter systems in aircraft servicing.
The intended performance of a dirt defence filter system is to continuously remove dirt from aviation fuel to levels acceptable for servicing modern aircraft. It is also intended that in service a dirt defence filter system will restrict the flow of fuel before its capacity for dirt
removal is exhausted.

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