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API TR 939-D-2007


API TR 939-D

Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel in Fuel-Grade Ethanol: Review, Experience
Survey, Field Monitoring, and Laboratory Testing
Edition: 2nd
American Petroleum Institute / 01-May-2007 / 202 pages
The API Refining Subcommittee on Corrosion and Materials (SCCM) contracted the development of this white paper document on SCC in fuel-grade ethanol to Honeywell Process Systems. A broad cross-section of companies have a high interest in this problem and have actively participated in this effort to review and survey the industry experience. This group includes users, ethanol producers, research organizations and API and RFA representatives. This was the first part of a multi-part plan to address the needs of the industry regarding this SCC problem. The initial focus was that the white paper needed to be developed expeditiously to provide a concise and accurate review of the currently available information on SCC in fuel-grade ethanol, documentation of the experience from companies involved in fuel ethanol supply, mid-stream distribution and refinery use, and an initial assessment of the potential economic impact of this problem to the refining industry.
The SCCM plan was for the white paper to precede an effort involving detailed individual interviews to supplement the survey data, and applied research and testing to specifically investigate SCC in fuel-grade ethanol as it applies to refinery operations. This proposal covers only the white paper development phase of the API sponsored effort. However, it does try to identify gaps in information and technology that might be addressed in the subsequent work.

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