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API TR 6MET -2010



Metallic Material Limits for Wellhead Equipment Used in High Temperature for API 6A and 17D Applications, First Edition
Edition: 1st
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Oct-2010 / 46 pages
Testing was performed in three phases, presented herein in chronological order as Phase I, II, and III. Initially, all testing was to be completed in two phases, but testing anomalies in Phase II prompted re-testing of some alloys in Phase III.
Alloy candidates were recommended by AWHEM membership for analysis and confirmed by API’s approval of New Work Item No. 2003-100786 in June 2002. Several material suppliers and several AWHEM member companies donated material for testing. Metallurgists on the Task Group screened material certificates to ensure a “normal”chemistry without enhancements for the material candidates listed in Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3.
Alloy chemistries from the material certificates for each of the supplied alloy candidates are provided in Table 6 through Table 16, located at the end of this report for readability.

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