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API STD 527-2007


API Std 527 (R2007)

Seat Tightness of Pressure Relief Valves
Edition: 3rd
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Jul-1991 / 14 pages
This standard describes methods of determining the seat tightness of metal- and soft-seated pressure relief valves, including those of conventional, bellows, and pilot-operated designs.
The maximum acceptable leakage rates are defined for pressure relief valves with set pressures from 15 pounds per square inch gauge (103 kilopascals gauge) to 6,000 pounds per square inch gauge (41,379 kilopascals gauge). If greater seat tightness is required, the purchaser shall specify it in the purchase order.
The test medium for determining the seat tightness—air, steam, or water—shall be the same as that used for determining the set pressure of the valve.
For dual-service valves, the test medium—air, steam, or water—shall be the same as the primary relieving medium.
To ensure safety, the procedures outlined in this standard shall be performed by persons experienced in the use and functions of pressure relief valves.

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