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API SPEC 16C-2004


API Spec 16C

Specification for Choke and Kill Systems
Edition: 2st
American Petroleum Institute / 1-March-2004 / 81 pages
1.1 Purpose
This specification was formulated to provide for safe and functionally interchangeable surface and subsea choke and kill systems equipment utilized for drilling oil and gas wells. Choke and kill system components shall be in accordance with the applicable sections of this specification.
Technical content provides the minimum requirements for performance, design, materials, welding, testing, inspection, storing and shipping.
1.2 Applications
1.2.1 Equipment
Equipment, specific to and covered by this specification, is listed below. Items which may be monogrammed when supplied in accordance with this specification are identified in Annex I:
a. Actuated choke & kill manifold valve control lines
b. Articulated choke and kill Lines
c. Assembled choke & kill equipment
d. Choke and kill manifold buffer chamber
e. Choke and kill manifold assembly
f. Drilling choke actuators
g. Drilling choke control lines, exclusive of BOP control lines and subsurface safety valve control lines
h. Drilling choke controls
i. Drilling chokes
j. Flexible choke and kill lines
k. Union connections used in choke and kill assemblies
l. Rigid choke and kill lines
m. Swivel unions used in choke and kill assemblies

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