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API RP 5C1 (R2010)


API RP 5C1 (R2010)

Recommended Practice for Care and Use of Casing and Tubing
Edition: 18th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-May-1999 / 45 pages
Note: No provision of this recommended practice shall be cause for rejection of casing or tubing provided the threads are in accordance with the requirements of the latest edition of API Standard 5B.
1.1 The statements on corrosion of casing and tubing as given herein were developed with the cooperation of the Technical Practices Committee on Corrosion of Oil and Gas Well Equipment, NACE International (formerly the National Association of Corrosion Engineers).
1.2 It is suggested that the selection of a thread compound for casing and tubing be given careful consideration by the user, bearing in mind that a satisfactory compound should
possess certain properties, the major of which are (a) to lubricate the thread surfaces to facilitate joint makeup and breakout without galling, and (b) to seal voids between the mating thread surfaces and effectively prevent leakage. Compounds that have given outstanding service for casing and tubing under both laboratory and field conditions are described in the latest edition of API Bulletin 5A2.
Note: Thread compounds described in the latest edition of API Bulletin 5A2 should not be used on rotary shouldered connections.
1.3 Some generalized suggestions on prevention of damage to casing and tubing by corrosive fluids are given in 4.8.16 and 5.5.15. It is not, however, within the scope of this recommended practice to provide detailed suggestions for corrosion control under specific conditions. Many variables may be involved in a specific corrosion problem and interrelated in such a complex fashion as to require detailed attention to the specific problem. For more complete technical information on specific corrosion problems, the user should consult the official publication of NACE International, Corrosion, or contact: Chairman, Technical Practices Committee on Corrosion of Oil and Gas Well Equipment, T-1, NACE Int芒鈧劉l, 1440 South Creek Drive, P.O. Box 218340, Houston, Texas 77218- 8340.

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