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API RP 580 2009 PDF


API RP 580

Revision / Edition: 2      Chg:      Date: 11/00/09


Document Abstract
API Recommended Practice 580 provides users with the basic elements for developing, implementing and maintaining a risk-based inspection (RBI) program. It provides guidance to owners, operators, and designers of pressure-containing equipment for developing and implementing an inspection program. These guidelines include means for assessing an inspection program and its plan. The approach emphasizes safe and reliable operation through risk-prioritized inspection. A spectrum of complementary risk analysis approaches (qualitative through fully-quantitative) can be considered as part of the inspection planning process. RBI guideline issues covered include an introduction to the concepts and principles of risk-based inspection for risk management; and individual sections that describe the steps in applying these principles within the framework of the RBI process include:
a)       understanding the design premise;
b)       planning the RBI assessment;
c)       data and information collection;
d)       identifying damage mechanisms and failure modes;
e)       assessing probability of failure;
f)        assessing consequence of failure;
g)       risk determination, assessment and management;
h)       risk management with inspection activities and process control;
i)         other risk mitigation activities;
j)         reassessment and updating;
k)       roles, responsibilities, training and qualifications;
l)         documentation and record-keeping.

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