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API RP 55-2007



Conducting Oil and Gas Producing and Gas Processing Plant Operations Involving Hydrogen Sulfide
Edition: 2nd
American Petroleum Institute / 15-Feb-1995 / 52 pages
The petroleum industry, through many years of research and operating experience, has developed guidelines for safe operations under conditions involving hydrogen sulfide.
Continuing industry efforts, which include planning, prudent selection and layout of equipment, prudent selection of materials, operating and emergency procedures, specialized safety equipment, and appropriate personnel training are all necessary to ensure successful and safe operations. Effective response to emergencies requires prior planning. Good engineering practice (engineering and administrative controls) dictates that producing and gas processing systems be designed to minimize exposure of personnel and the public to hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide.
Recommendations set forth in this publication apply to oil and gas producing and gas processing plant operations conducted with hydrogen sulfide present in the fluids being handied. The presence of hydrogen sulfide in these operations also presents the possibility of exposure to sulfur dioxide from the combustion of hydrogen sulfide. Refer to Section 4 for applicability of this standard.

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