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API RP 2027-2007


API RP 2027 (R2007)

Ignition Hazards and Safe Work Practices for Abrasive Blasting of Atmospheric Storage Tanks in Hydrocarbon Service
Edition: 3rd
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Mar-2002 / 26 pages
This recommended practice provides safe work practices for the prevention and control of ignition and other potential hazards during abrasive blasting of aboveground storage
tanks in liquid hydrocarbon service at atmospheric pressure. It is generally recognized in the petroleum industry that the preferable method is to empty, vapor free and clean aboveground petroleum storage tanks before starting abrasive blasting work. However, this may not be practical or even possible, and may actually increase the risk of an undesirable hazard or incident in some situations. It is therefore necessary to understand the potential ignition and safety hazards when planning abrasive blasting and implement the appropriate safeguards before starting this work.
This recommended practice does not cover all of the precautions that may be required to safely perform abrasive blasting. Owners/operators and contractors shall conduct a
thorough hazard analysis and pre-job start-up safety and health review for each speci脙啪c abrasive blasting job to assure that all necessary precautions and safeguards have been identi tified and implemented prior to beginning work.

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