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API RP 12R1-2008



Recommended Practice for Setting, Maintenance, Inspection, Operation and Repair of Tanks in Production Service
Edition: 5th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Aug-1997 / 48 pages
1.1 This recommended practice should be considered as a guide on new tank installations and maintenance of existing tanks. It contains recommendations for good practices in (a)
the collection of well or lease production, (b) gauging, (c) delivery to pipeline carriers for transportation, and (d) other production storage and treatment operations. In particular, the spill prevention ande xaminatiodinspectionp rovisions of this recommended practice should be companion to the spill prevention control and countermeasures (SPCtCo) p revent environmental damage.
This recommended practicei s intended primarily for application to tanks fabricatedt o API Specifications1 2F3, D, F, and P (sometimes called the API 12 serinie sth is document) when employed in on-land production service; but its basic principles are applicablet o atmospheric tanks of other dimensions and specifications when they are employed in similar oil and gas production, treating, and processing services. It is not
applicable to refineries, petrochemical plants, marketinbgul k stations, or pipeline storage facilities operated by carriers. Tanks fabricated to API Standard6 50 or its predecessor (API Standard 12C) should be maintained in accordance with API Standard 653.
1.2 This document recommends maintenance practices
based on the estimated corrosion rate life of various tank components. Corrosion rateli fe of tank components willv ary widely with location, environment, service, typoef fluid, and
corrosion mitigation techniques elected by the ownedoperator. Recommendations for specific corrosion mitigation techniques are not within the scope of this document. For such recommendations, see publications of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) (see Section 2).

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