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API RP 12N-2008


API RP 12N (R2008)

Operations, Maintenance and Testing of Firebox Flame Arrestors
Edition: 2nd
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Nov-1994 / 14  pages
1.1 This recommended practice should be considered in the installation, maintenance and testing of firebox flame arrestors
installed on the air intake of oilfield production equipment. Flame arrestors are commonly used on indirect heaters, emulsion treaters, glycol reconcentrators and other equipment used to heat fluids in production operations. These flame arrestors are designed to prevent flashback
through the arrestor in the event that combustible fluids in the atmosphere should be drawn into the heater through the air intake and come in contact with the main burner or pilot flames.
1.2 This recommended practice is limited to gas fired, natural draft burner systems with continuously burning pilots. Flame arrestors for oil fired burners or burner systems using forced draft or induced draft are outside the coverage of this recommended practice. Also excluded from coverage of this recommended practice are burner systems in which a spark produced by the system could cause an internal explosion
such as with a spark ignition device.

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