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API RP 1130 2007 PDF

API  RP 1130

Revision / Edition: 1      Chg:      Date: 09/00/07


Document Abstract
This recommended practice focuses on the design, implementation, testing and operation of CPM systems that use an algorithmic approach to detect hydraulic anomalies in pipeline operating parameters. The primary purpose of these systems is to provide tools that assist Pipeline Controllers in detecting commodity releases that are within the sensitivity of the algorithm. It is intended that the CPM system would provide an alarm and display other related data to the Pipeline Controllers to aid in decision-making. The Pipeline Controllers would undertake an immediate investigation, confirm the reason for the alarm and initiate an operational response to the hydraulic anomaly when it represents an irregular operating condition or abnormal operating condition or a commodity release.

The purpose of this recommended practice is to assist the Pipeline Operator in identifying issues relevant to the selection, implementation, testing, and operation of a CPM system. It is intended that this document be used in conjunction with other API standards and applicable regulations. 

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