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API RP 1115-2007


API RP 1115

Recommended Practice on the Operation of Solution-Mined Underground Storage Facilities
Edition: 1st
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Sep-1994 /脗聽28 pages
This recommended practice provides basic guidance on the operation of solution-mined underground hydrocarbon liquid or liquefied petroleum gas storage facilities. This
document is intended for first-time cavern engineers or supervisors, but would also be valuable to those people experienced in cavern operations. This recommended practice
is based on the accumulated knowledge and experience of geologists, engineers, and other personnel in the petroleum industry. All aspects of solution-mined underground
storage operation, including cavern hydraulics, brine facilities, wellhead and hanging strings, and cavern testing are covered. Users of this guide are reminded that no publication of this type can be complete, nor can any written document be substituted for effective site-specific operating procedures.
This recommended practice does not apply to caverns used for natural gas storage, waste disposal purposes, caverns which are mechanically mined, depleted petroleum reserve cavities, or other underground storage systems which are not solution-mined.

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