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API RP 1113-2007


API RP 1113

Developing a Pipeline Supervisory Control Center, First Edition
Edition: 1st
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Sep-2007 /脗聽22 pages
A pipeline supervisory control center is a facility where the function of centralized monitoring and controlling of a pipeline system occurs.
This document focuses on the design aspects that may be considered appropriate for developing or revamping a control center. There are five sections (Sections 2 through 6) that provide lists of general considerations.
This document is not all-inclusive. It is intended to cover best practices and provide guidelines for developing a control center only. It does not dictate operational control philosophy or overall SCADA system functionality.
This document was created by an API Cybernetics Subcommittee task force, based on industry practices used on liquid pipeline SCADA systems. The document is intended to apply to control centers for liquids pipelines; however, many of the considerations may also apply to gas control center design.

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