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API RP 1102 2008 PDF


API  RP 1102

Revision / Edition: 7      Chg: W/ ERTA     Date: 11/00/08


Document Abstract

This recommended practice, Steel Pipelines Crossing Railroads and Highways, gives primary emphasis to provisions for public safety. It covers the design, installation, inspection, and testing required to ensure safe crossings of steel pipelines under railroads and highways. The provisions apply to the design and construction of welded steel pipelines under railroads and highways. The provisions of this practice are formulated to protect the facility crossed by the pipeline, as well as to provide adequate design for safe installation and operation of the pipeline.


The provisions herein should be applicable to the construction of pipelines crossing under railroads and highways and to the adjustment of existing pipelines crossed by railroad or highway construction. This practice should not be applied retroactively. Neither should it apply to pipelines under contract for construction on or prior to the effective date of this edition. Neither should it be applied to directionally drilled crossings or to pipelines installed in utility tunnels.

Type of Pipeline

This practice applies to welded steel pipelines.

Provisions for Public Safety

The provisions give primary emphasis to public safety. The provisions set forth in this practice adequately provide for safety under conditions normally encountered in the pipeline industry. Requirements for abnormal or unusual conditions are not specifically discussed, nor are all details of engineering and construction provided. The applicable regulations of federal [5, 6], state, municipal, and regulatory institutions having jurisdiction over the facility to be crossed shall be observed during the design and construction of the pipeline.

Approval for Crossings

Prior to the construction of a pipeline crossing, arrangements should be made with the authorized agent of the facility to be crossed.

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