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API MPMS 3.1B-2001


API MPMS Chapter 3.1B

Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 3-Tank Gauging:
Section 1B-Standard Practice for Level Measurement of Liquid Hydrocarbons in Stationary Tanks by Automatic Tank Gauging
Edition: 2nd
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Jun-2001 / 27pages

This standard covers level measurement of liquid hydrocarbons in stationary, aboveground, atmospheric storage tanks using automatic tank gauges (ATGs). The standard discusses automatic tank gauging in general, accuracy, installation, commissioning, calibration and verification of ATGs that measure either innage or ullage. It covers both intrusive and non-intrusive ATGs used for either custody transfer or inventory control. The standard also covers the requirements for data collection, transmission and receiving.

Safety and material compatibility precautions should be taken when using ATG equipment. Manufacturers recommendations on the use and installation of the equipment should be followed. Users should comply with all applicable codes and regulations, API Standards and NFPA 70 National Electric Code.

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